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Windows serve a practical purpose by providing natural light, and ventilation, and protecting your home from extreme weather. However, they also offer aesthetic appeal to complete the interior and exterior looks of your home. Customized windows can feature art glass, wood frames, and high-efficiency glass panes that add charm and increase home value.

When considering custom windows for your home in New Orleans, it pays to find experienced windows experts like Big Easy Patios to ensure quality craftsmanship and personalized attention. This article will look at the various types of customized window options available for homes in New Orleans and the process of getting custom windows installed.

Types of Custom Windows in New Orleans

New Orleans offers many different types of custom windows, allowing homeowners to find the perfect window style for their homes. Popular options include stained or tinted glass, bay and bow styles, casement or awning models, and single or double-hung windows.

Impact windows provide protection against storms.

Impact windows, also known as storm windows, are an excellent choice for any New Orleans home. These custom windows are designed to provide superior protection against wind and rain during severe storms and hurricanes.

Impact windows are made of laminated glass that is thick enough to withstand high winds, strong rains, and even flying debris.

Composite windows are made of several materials for durability.

Composite windows are a popular choice for homes in New Orleans due to their durability and versatility. Composite windows are made up of several materials, such as wood, plastic, and vinyl, that work together to form a strong and secure window frame.

Low E-coated glass to reduce UV rays and improve energy efficiency.

Low E-coated glass is one type of custom window used in the New Orleans area that reduces the amount of ultraviolet (UV) rays that enter your home, while also increasing energy efficiency.

Tinted windows regulate the amount of natural light entering a space.

Tinted windows are one of the most common types of custom windows used in New Orleans. By adding a tint to your window, you can reduce the amount of natural light entering your space while still allowing some sunlight in.

Custom Windows Design Options in New Orleans

Homeowners who want to make their homes distinctively theirs can customize the design of their windows. An array of options is available, each offering its own exclusive advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed against one another for your desired effect.

  • Shapes

Installing custom window shapes can be a great way to add aesthetic appeal and uniqueness to your home. From traditional rectangular and square windows to more daring designs such as arches, circles, or hexagons – the possibilities are endless! You can even use them in order to harmonize with the existing architecture of the property creating an eye-catching effect.

  • Colors

Homeowners may also opt for custom window colors. Painting or staining windows to coordinate with the color palette of your residence is an excellent idea and looks even better when combined with intricate designs! Plus, manufacturers often offer pre-painted or pre-stained windows in a broad range of hues and finishes that you can choose from.

  • Glass

window glass profileFor those looking to improve their home’s energy efficiency and overall aesthetic, custom window glass is the perfect solution.

Whether you prefer single-pane glass or energy-efficient double or triple-pane windows with tinted or reflective coatings that reduce heat gain and glare, there are several options available for any budget. Low-E glass is a popular choice among homeowners due to its ability to reflect more of the sun’s heat outside while significantly decreasing energy costs in the long run.

  • Hardware

If you want something a bit more unique, custom window hardware is the way to go. You can choose from metal or wood handles and latches for traditional homeowners, as well as modern finger pulls and hidden designs for those who prefer a sleek look. Plus, these items come in numerous colors, textures, and finishes so that you’re sure to find one that fits your style perfectly!

  • Other Features

To take your windows to the next level, you can customize them with window treatments such as shutters, blinds, and shades. Not only will they give you control over light and privacy, but they also provide a great way to add an elegant touch of style that ties together the entire look of your home.

Seeking to create a personal and visually striking look for your home? Look no further than custom windows design options! With an array of designs, shapes, colors, glass finishes, and hardware pieces – the possibilities are endless.

However, don’t forget to factor in energy efficiency as well as maintenance when choosing what’s right for you. To ensure you make the best choice possible it is wise to seek advice from experts like Big Easy Patios that specialize in custom windows design so they can help guide you through this process.

Benefits of Custom Windows in New Orleans

The benefits of having custom windows in New Orleans are plentiful. Custom windows are designed to suit the exact needs and sizes of your home, allowing you to take full advantage of natural light, ventilation, and temperature control. Investing in well-designed, energy-efficient custom windows can result in significant savings on energy bills over the years.

Furthermore, they can offer superior protection from hurricanes, flooding, and other extreme weather conditions common to New Orleans. Lastly, custom window designs add a unique character and operation efficiency to keep homes comfortable all year round.

Cost of Custom Windows in New Orleans

The cost of custom windows in New Orleans varies depending on the size, style, and features. Large picture windows can range from $400-$1000 while awning or casement windows can cost around $200-$300 each.

Casement-style windows may cost upwards of $1,000 each and double-hung vinyl replacement windows generally start at $400. Installation fees vary depending on the complexity of the job but typically are around $100 for basic installations. Lastly, homeowners should expect to pay labor costs for replacing or repairing frames and sash that are beyond repair.

Custom Windows Installation Process

window installationWhen it comes to custom window installation in New Orleans, the process begins with selecting the perfect windows for your home. It is important that they are suited to the size, style, and climate of your area. Once you have selected the windows that best fit your needs, a professional installer will measure each opening and provide an estimate for the project which will include the cost of materials, taxes, and labor.

Once the project is underway, the installer will remove existing windows, clean the opening, install insulation if needed, and secure the window in place with shims. After that’s done, he/she will caulk around all edges for a tight seal as well as check the window’s operation.

In the end, custom windows can provide a great return on investment and add value to your New Orleans home. With our expert installation, you can feel confident that your new custom windows will stand the test of time and keep your family safe for many years to come.

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