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We create beautiful entertaining areas for your home in your outdoor living space where you and your family and friends can make memories of small gatherings and special occasions.

Our patio installation team installs patios with durable and aesthetic patio covers that will add comfort and luxury to your outdoor living space. We make sure that we maximize the outside space for your home in New Orleans so that you can use it any time of the year.

The patio design team in Big Easy Patios will work with you to choose the best enclosures and patio cover that fits the architecture and design of your home. The patio covers we install can be customized to make them perfect for your garden and New Orleans home.

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What Is A Patio?

A patio is usually a home addition installed adjacent to a house at ground level. It is usually a paved surface made of concrete or gravel. Other materials used in constructing a patio include pavers, pea gravel, and poured concrete slabs.

Patios can be constructed with or without patio covers. They can be built free-standing with the main purpose of dining, recreation, entertainment, or as a gallery room.

A Modern Patio Cover

Patio covers are structures of any size that is open on the side with framing and a roof. Its main purpose is to protect the main patio and its furnishings on it from rain and the elements.

Modern Patios Covers in New Orleans From Big Easy PatiosThe term used interchangeably with a patio cover is a pergola. Both can be used to describe an attached structure that provides a covering or shade for a patio or deck. The only difference between a patio covering and a pergola is that a patio cover usually provides 100% shade protection while a pergola can have openings on the top to provide partial shade.

Modern patio covers come in different forms. We can install a modern patio cover for your New Orleans home customized to match the overall architectural design of your home. Our modern patio covers can be installed with or without enclosures.

The modern patio cover we install is characterized by clean lines and modular forms that are aesthetically appealing. Our modern patio cover designers rely on a mixture of textures and organic materials to create the most interesting outdoor space for your New Orleans home.

Types Of Patio Covers

Your patio can be covered with different materials. Our expert patio cover designers can help you choose the best material, design, and color for your patio cover in New Orleans. We can customize the design of your patio cover to your liking. The most popular types of patio covers that we install include:

Wooden Patio Cover

If you want a natural and rustic look over your patio, wood is a perfect choice. The natural color of wood can add to the traditional look of a home. We see Redwood and Cedar wood for patio covers because of their natural resistance to pests. They are more durable than other wood types. The most common designs for wood patio covers that we install are lattice designs and porch awnings.

Metal Patio Cover

Metal covers for patios can also be a durable option. They can be installed as free-standing structures or can be attached to your house over your patio. A metal cover is usually installed as a frame for other patio cover materials like aluminum, vinyl, or cloth.Aluminum-Patio-Covers-in-New-Orleans-From-Big-Easy-Patios

Aluminum Patio Cover

One of the most durable and versatile patio covers for your patio in New Orleans is aluminum. They are available in different patterns which can allow us to install a customized patio cover for you. Aluminum patio covers are also low-maintenance and very weather resistant.

Insulated Roof Panel

Get an insulated roof panel for a patio covering so you won’t be bothered by the heat in your outdoor space. It is a popular choice for many homeowners because this type of patio cover offers a more regulated temperature for your patio, especially when the weather is hot.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Patio Cover in New Orleans?

Installing a patio cover in New Orleans can cost around $35.15 per square foot. The price will largely depend on the type of patio cover and the total area that will be covered. Other variables that affect the price include insulation and the cost of labor for professional patio cover installation. An insulated patio cover will cost more.

Our patio cover installation services in New Orleans are competitively priced. You are guaranteed a durable and aesthetic patio cover that will provide the protection you need on your patio.

The Best Material For Patio Cover In New Orleans

When choosing the best patio cover, you will need to consider a lot of factors. The quality and design of your patio cover will determine how long it will last and the aesthetic appeal it will add to your home.

The different types of patio covers offer both advantages and disadvantages. What you choose should be able to do what you intend. Hence, the best material would be what can be most functional, durable, and aesthetic at the same time.

One of the best materials that we use for patio covers in New Orleans is the Elitewood patio covers. They have the best qualities of durability, functionality, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal.

It mimics the look and feels of natural wood and it is not prone to warping, splitting, and rotting. It can also provide excellent shading and cooling during the hot summer months. There are a variety of designs and styles that you can choose from for your patio cover installation.

Enjoy Your Home More With a Patio Cover In New Orleans

Enjoy your outdoor living space in all types of weather with a durable and beautiful patio cover from Big Easy Patios. We install the best types and materials of patio covers in New Orleans that are aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.

We make sure that your outdoor furniture will be protected from the elements and that you will enjoy the moments you spend on your patio, not worrying about the searing heat of the sun or whether you will be rained.

We are patio cover installation experts. We would be happy to discuss with you the type and style of patio cover that you want.

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